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    Stainless steel blending tanks stainless steel mix tanks

    Brief Description:

    1. Key switch control panel for easy operation

    2.Touch material part steel: ss316L

    3.Motor brand: AAB OR Siemens

    4.Power supply : three phase 220voltage 380voltage 460voltage 50HZ 60HZ for option

    5.Leading time 10 days



    Product Detail


    Product Tags

    Product Description

    1.Emulsification, mixing, homogenization, dispersion, etc. can be completed in a short time.

    2.The material is heated by the heat-conducting medium in the interlayer, the heating is uniform and the temperature is adjustable.

    3. anti-skip Stainless steel platform for operator safety.

    4. The homogenizing head adopts a high-shear eddy current emulsification mixer, and the slow-speed scraping and stirring will automatically adhere to the bottom and wall of the pot. Material micronization.

    stainless steel blending tanks stainless steel mix tanks

    5.The material is heated by the heat-conducting medium in the interlayer, the heating is uniform and the temperature is adjustable.

    6. The mixing tank can be heated or cooled up to 120 degree.

    7. Clockwise frame type wall scraping stirring, counterclockwise paddle type stirring, the scraper agitator produces centrifugal effect during operation, and the tetrafluoroethylene scraper is close to the pot wall.

    8. Effectively solve the problem of pot wall sticking, leaving no dead corners, and the frequency conversion speed control device can make its speed arbitrarily stepless.

    9. Homogeneous stirring and paddle stirring can be used separately or at the same time. Material dispersion, homogenization, emulsification, mixing, and mixing can be completed in a short time
    10. The three-layer stainless steel pot body is the middle interlayer, the heat insulation layer, and the material contact part is 316L, the middle layer is the heating layer 304 stainless steel, and the heat insulation layer is the heat preservation layer 304 stainless steel.

    11. The structure design of the whole machine is reasonable, the selection of materials is excellent, and the best emulsification system.

    12. Stepless speed regulation, high speed up to 6000rpm, high for your cutting line speed of 66m/s.

    13. Overload protection, double protection and insulation, to give you security.

    14. The working head is made of stainless steel, which can be reused, GMP standard.

    15. Equipment modular design, any system can be flexibly combined.

    Design profile


    Single layer tank

    Double layer tank

    Three layer tank


    SS304 or SS316L


    up to 20T






    one layer

    Inner layer+jacket

    inner layer+jacket+insulation

    Cooling method


    ice water /cooling water

    ice water /cooling water

    heating method


    electric/steam heating

    electric/steam heating


    Agitator type

    per customer requirement


    speed? 0--63 rpm






    open manhole / Pressure manhole

    Various types of CIP cleaners

    Sterile respirator

    Inlet and Outlet sanitary valve

    Inlet and Outlet sanitary valve


    7.Paddle blender .(According to customer requirements)



    Technical parameter:

    Model capacity Homogenizer motor? Agitator motor ?Size MM (L*H*H)
    kw RPM kw RPM
    200 200L 3 0--3000 1.5 0-63 ?
    500 500L 4 0--3000 2.2 0-63 ?
    1000 1000L 5.5 0--3000 4 0-63 ?
    2000 2000L 7.5 0--3000 5.5 0-63 ?
    3000 3000L 11 0--3000 7.5 0-63 ?
    5000 5000L 15 0--3000 11 0-63 ?
    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Up to 20000 ? ? ? ? ? ?


    Mixing: syrups, shampoos, detergents, juice concentrates, yogurt, desserts, mixed dairy products, ink, enamel. ??
    Homogenization: medicine emulsion, ointment, cream, facial mask, cream, tissue homogenization, milk product homogenization, juice, printing ink, jam
    Skin care cream, shaving cream, shampoo, toothpaste, cold cream, sunscreen, facial cleanser, nutritional honey, detergent, shampoo, etc.


    1.?power supply: three phase : 220v 380v .415v. 50HZ 60HZ

    2.?Capacity : 200L up to 5000L

    3.?Motor brand : ABB. Siemens?option

    4.?Heating method: Electric heating and steam heating option

    5. control?system plc touch screen. Key bottom

    6. variety of paddle designs meet difference requirement

    7. SIP is available upon request for cleaning process


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