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    OEM Factory for Reverse Osmosis Equipment - Industrial Ultrafiltration Systems – ZhiTong

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    OEM Factory for Reverse Osmosis Equipment - Industrial Ultrafiltration Systems – ZhiTong Detail:

    Product Description

    Product Description

    1. Easy to operate and maintain;

    2.? Automatic water refill in the automatic water tank: When the liquid level in the automatic water tank reaches the low level, water refill automatically. Stop filling water when it reaches a high level.

    3. When the pretreatment pressure is less than 2kg, the reverse osmosis host machine is protected by low pressure.

    4. Large single-stage reverse osmosis equipment generally includes pretreatment system, reverse osmosis device, post-treatment system, cleaning system and electrical control system.

    Industrial Ultrafiltration Systems

    5.The equipment configuration of the pretreatment system should be determined according to the specific conditions of raw water.

    6.Adopt PLC+ touch screen automatic control mode, stable and reliable, exquisite and beautiful, one-button start, simple and convenient operation.

    7. Humanized 3D design, in line with ergonomics; switch, instrument, instrument set height position, in line with the average height of Chinese convenient manual operation

    8. Monitor the real-time conductivity and flow rate of the backwater of the purified water circulation pipe network. In order to ensure the turbulence of the pipe network, the flow rate of the backwater should be kept above 1m/s to reduce the breeding of microorganisms in the purified water pipe network.

    9. Humanized alarm record and prompt function; When the filter material replacement cycle arrives, full water, water shortage, low pressure and overpressure will be recorded in the event record bar of the touch screen. When abnormal water quality, pressure and flow occur, an alarm will be issued.

    10. The circulation pipe sets the function of discharging qualified water and unqualified water to the previous section to ensure the stability of product water quality.

    11. In order to achieve no dead corner in each section, if there is no fluctuation for 2 hours after the purification tank is full of water, the microcirculation of the whole system will be triggered to prevent the pipeline from flowing for a long time to breed microorganisms.

    12. Low energy consumption, high water utilization rate, lower operating cost than other desalination equipment.

    13. Small size, simple operation, easy maintenance, strong adaptability, long service life.

    14. Large water permeability and high desalination rate. Under normal conditions ≥98%.

    Technical parameter:

    Model Capacity(T/H) Power(KW) Recovery% One stage water conductivity Second water conductivity EdI water conductivity Raw water conductivity
    RO-500 0.5 0.75 55-75 ≤10 ≤2-3 ≤0.5 ≤300
    RO-1000 1.0 2.2 55-75
    RO-2000 2.0 4.0 55-75
    RO-3000 3.0 5.5 55-75
    RO-5000 5.0 7.5 55-75
    RO-6000 6.0 7.5 55-75
    RO-10000 10.0 11 55-75
    RO-20000 20.0 15 55-75


    1. Purified water, mineral water, dairy products, wine, fruit juice, soft drinks and other beverage industry preparation process production water.

    2. Water used in the production process of bread, cake, biscuit, canned food and other food industries.

    3. Water for the processing and production of instant noodles, ham sausage and other tourist leisure foods.

    4. Washing water during food and beverage processing.

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