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    Emulsifying machine industry

    • vacuum emulsifying mixer application

      vacuum emulsifying mixer application

      Emulsifying machine has a wide range of applications, such as adhesives, paint coatings, cosmetics, food, drugs, plastic resins, printing and dyeing, printing ink, asphalt and other industries have a wide range of applications. ? Fine chemicals: plastics, fillers, adhesi...
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    • vacuum emulsifying mixer maintainence

      Many customers who buy our vacuum emulsifying machine will ask us about the method of emulsifying machine maintenance. Small series here classifies some simple and commonly used emulsifying machine maintenance methods. 1. After production, the emuls...
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    • How to select the appropriate emulsifier in the application field of emulsifying machine

      How to choose the appropriate emulsifying machine, Germany imported emulsifying machine, industrial emulsifying machine, pilot emulsifying machine Emulsifying machine plays an important role in industrial equipment mixing system, especially in solid-liquid mixing and liq...
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    • Homogenizing machine, blender, emulsifying machine three differences

      First, different principles: 1, homogenizing machine is through the rotor and stator precision coordination, rotor high-speed smooth rotation, forming high frequency, strong circumferential tangent speed, angular speed to achieve homogenization. 2. The workin...
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    • High shear emulsifier defination

      High shear emulsifying machine is a kind of material can be fully refined and uniform machine, its name source should be able to promote oily material (oil phase) and water-based material (water phase) mixing and forming a uniform emulsion machine.? And refined uniform m...
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    • Factors affecting emulsification

      Emulsifying equipment The main mechanical equipment for preparing emulsion is emulsifying machine, which is a kind of emulsifying equipment for mixing oil and water evenly. At present, there are three main types of emulsifying machine: emulsifying...
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    • Emulsifying machine maintenance method

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