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    Common production equipment for cosmetics

    Cosmetics belong to the category of fine chemicals. The vast majority of cosmetic production uses compounding technology, which has the characteristics of less chemical reaction and strict hygiene requirements. Cosmetics production equipment can be roughly divided into:

    1. Product manufacturing equipment

    2. Forming, filling and packaging equipment; the production operations of cosmetics are generally as follows: powdering, grinding, powder product mixing, emulsification and dispersion, separation and classification, heating and cooling, sterilization and disinfection, product molding and packaging cleaning, etc.

    Emulsification equipment

    1. Mixing equipment

    Mixing equipment is (stainless steel mixing tank) is the most commonly used equipment for cosmetics.

    2. Homogeneous emulsification equipment

    Homogenizing emulsification equipment commonly used in the cosmetic industry includes high shear homogenizer, high pressure homogenizer, colloid mill, centrifugal homogenizer, ultrasonic emulsifier, etc. Among them, the vacuum homogenizer is the most commonly used emulsification equipment.

    1) Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifier

    It consists of a sealed vacuum emulsification tank part and a stirring part. The stirring part consists of a homogenizer and a frame agitator with a scraper. The stirring speed of the homogenizer is generally 0-2800r/min, and the speed can be adjusted steplessly; the rotation speed of the scraper agitator is 10~80r/min , For slow stirring, its function is to promote the heat transfer of the heat transfer surface during heating and cooling, so that the temperature in the container is uniform, and it has good thermal efficiency. The front end of the scraper agitator is equipped with a scraper made of polyvinyl fluoride. Due to the hydraulic pressure, it contacts the inner wall of the container, effectively scraping and transferring materials from the inner wall to accelerate the effect of heat exchange. The vacuum homogeneous emulsifier is also equipped with a series of auxiliary facilities, including interlayers and insulation layers for heating and cooling, as well as various detection instruments, such as thermometers, tachometers, vacuum gauges and material flow sensors.

    Common production equipment for cosmetics

    The advantages of vacuum homogeneous emulsifier are:

    (1) The air bubble content of the emulsion can be reduced to a minimum, and the surface finish of the emulsion can be increased.

    (2) Due to the stirring and emulsification in a vacuum state, the material is no longer lost due to evaporation, and the contact between the emulsified body and the air is reduced and avoided, the contamination of the product by bacteria is reduced, and it will not deteriorate due to oxidation.

    (3)?Under vacuum conditions, the rotation speed of the agitator is accelerated, which improves the emulsification efficiency.

    Post time: Apr-27-2022
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