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    Company profile

    Company profile


    Yangzhou ZhiTong machinery co; Ltd established in 2010 located in jiasu province China.factory Specialized making and seller vacuum emulsifying mixer. Liquid mixer .RO water treatment system. Labeling machine. Cosmetic filling machine storage tanks , Focus on R&D machine machinery making, seller and distribution for cosmetic. food and pharmaceutical machinery. Having import &export right.

    With registered capital USD 170 million. And 14000 square meter. Member of China Chemical Industrial Machinery Association.

    Company has been certified ISO 9001:2000 international quality management system and 12 national patents.

    Adopting new manufacturing process unique flat plate type forming hydraulic end plate. CNC laser cutter. CNC miller imported from Japan and Germany and welding stress release machine.
    Offer pre-sale service team (8 persons) and after service team (10persons)
    Thanks to excellent machine quality and management and service system. Our machine have been exported to USA. European union. Asia. Southeast Asia. Africa over 95 counties and districts. Got the customer's approval around world .

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