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    Our services

    Close up of business handshake on digital background

    Equipment onsite startup assistance to check your installation and perform certain mechanical inspections and tests.

    Debugging on site ensures that you are productive and trouble-free you start running your machine . mentor you how to maintenance,?maintenance, assembly/disassembly techniques, Training is especially beneficial for plants that have since installing equipment.

    After purchasing a mixer from zhitong, you will receive customer service. Our service and support team will be here to ensure that your continues to perform at its best for years to come, thereby maximizing the value of your investment.

    pre-sale service :

    3 persons machine design .5 person cosmetic factory layout design

    after-sale service :

    10 persons for installation and debugging for machine.

    provide the free training for customer site and our factory.

    Video technical support.

    Online support.

    Free parts.

    Field maintenance and repair service.

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